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Tech Jargons Explained

Did you ever wonder what those techie terms meant whenever I mentioned it on my blogs like AMOLED, LTE, MMS, etc. Do you even understand those 404 jokes that you’ve seen on the internet? If you are not that techy-enough to understand mobile reviews used to describe a smartphone’ features or a technology perhaps, then click read more to understand.

Here are some of the words you’ll encounter whenever you’re checking out some blogs or a manufacturer’s website.

GPRS – A technology for radio transmission of small packs of data. Simply put, it’s an internet signal indicator with “Letter G” on the upper left of your phone’s screen whenever you’re using mobile data. Feature phones usually connect to the internet via 2G signals.

EDGE – Or Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. Basically, this is faster than GPRS.

3G – It’s the third generation of 3rd generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Almost all smartphones has 3G these days. Unlike EDGE and GPRS, you can have a much faster and more enjoyable browsing experience on 3G.

 HSPA+ – Another mobile technology.  It’s much faster than GPRS, EDGE and 3G. Telcos called this as 4G already but I prefer to use 3.75G instead of 4G. But hey, HSPA+ is already fast and it can already stream videos in YouTube on High Quality. HSPA+ can give speeds up to 12 MBps while 3G can only give you speed up 7.2 MBps.

LTE – Long-term evolution. So if you really want a blazing fast internet then better get a Sim Card that supports LTE and a smartphone that is LTE compatible. Trust me, as long as there’s LTE in your area, I’m pretty sure that your speeds would be faster than your DSL at home.

MB – It’s a unit of information that is equal to 1,024 kilobytes. I know, these numbers are just confusing but did you know that every internet activity requires a certain number of MB? When you register for a mobile data promo, it’s like buying a pizza. For example, I have a 50 MB of data which is our pizza. Every internet activity that we do consumes your mobile. So browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or downloading files are like eating your pizza. Watching YouTube videos is like taking a big bite on pizza. Why? Because watching videos on the web consumes a lot of MB. After you ate all the pizza, you can just buy one again.

Well, there you go. I hope that it helped you understand the terms that I’ve been using on my reviews. These are very crucial terms when it comes to mobile. Since we’re talking mobile here, you might be curious about the data plan promos that you’ve seen from the Telcos. Why don’t you check out the tutorial about Megabytes here:

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Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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