Last week, we got a chance to experience how is it to be like in Teletech. Teletech has 15 sites across the Philippines and has over 25,000 employees working in a cheerful and friendly environment which helps making new friends at Teletech.

We had an experiential tour at Teletech Pioneer Career Hub. The place was cozy and the people there were very friendly. I can feel that if I work there, I would really feel at home.

Teletech is aiming to bring your work closer to you, with 15 sites across the Philippines, which means you can spend more time with your personal activities. Teletech also offers programs to help you empower your skills. And did you know that some of these programs would be offered for free in Teletech? And another thing, some programs offered for free in Teletech would cost you a lot.

In Teletech, there are engagement activities that’ll promote camaraderie among employees. Some of these activities are TeleTech Awards night, Summer outing, Birthday event, Firedrill, Run N Sync Fun Run and Be the Picture of Good Health contest organized by TeleTech for its employees.

It’s really nice to work in a place where your employer understands what you want and need. In TeleTech, not only do they bring you a job that you’ll love but they are also bringing you closer to the best version of yourself.

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