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BFF Timeout App wants you to build real world connections

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola has launched a #BetterTogether campaign in where both companies decided to take a stand and asked people to stay offline a little longer to celebrate real-life world connections. Last week, McDonald’s has invited us to the launch of BFF Timeout App. This app, encourages you to take a time out and have a real-world connections.

BFF Timeout App is a gaming app challenge in where players aren’t allowed to use their phones as long as the game has started. Yes, you can’t check your phone for text messages, you can’t answer your calls and you can’t check your social networking sites because once you opened another app, the BFF Timeout app will automatically end and it will declare you as the ditcher.

Until July 19, 2014, every purchase of a BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle for three or four (Yeah, the BFF bundles) comes with a coupon. Those coupons contain a code, which must be entered in the app to qualify for a chance to win a free trip for four! Prizes include a trip to Boracay on the first raffle draw, Coron, Palawan on the second, Singapore on the third and Osaka, Japan on the final draw.

You can now download the BFF Timeout app on the App Store or Google Play Store on your iOS or Android phones and tablets. 
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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