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Acer Executives Share the Future of Predator League

We had a short chit-chat with the executives of Acer regarding the Predator League that is happening right now at Taman Anggrek Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia and their visions for Acer and of course, their plans for company’s tournament.  And we learned a lot from them.

  • This is the first Predator League event in Jakarta, Indonesia and they’re still Predator League 2019 will be held in Thailand next year
  • There are only 8 teams at Predator League 2018 but they’ll expand to more Asia-Pacific teams next year
  • The Predator League 2019 will be bigger as they’re planning to add another game for the tournament
  • Despite the growth of mobile gaming, they have no plans on including a mobile game next year

It looks like Acer is pretty happy with the Predator League 2018. Actually, the production, program flow, and the matches are so far, really good. The Predator League 2018 really has a good start and we hope that the next Predator League at Thailand would be even better.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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