One of the processors that I cannot wait to be release here in the philippines is AMD Athlon X2 7750. Because its performance is almost on par with Intel Core 2 Duo E7300.

AMD™ Athlon X2™ 7750™ box (Black Edition) 2.7ghz 3mb (AM2) — php4380

Intel™Core 2 Duo™ E7300 2.66 ghz 3mb 1066fsb qdr box (lga775) C2D — PHP5550

those prices are from PC HUB which can be found at gilmore. As you can see, AMD is cheaper than the Intel C2D E7300. But another processors from AMD will be coming here, the Phenom II processors which supports both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM. Too bad The Phenom II processors will not take on the Intel i7 core. They said that the performance of the Phenom II processors is between the intel i7 and the intel quad core 9xxx series.


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