Exciting news for OnePlus 11 users!

OnePlus has officially launched the Android 14 Beta Program for the OnePlus 11 phone, offering early access to the latest Android 14.

This beta release aims to help developers and advanced users create enhanced software experiences. However, it is essential to exercise caution before flashing this ROM, especially for those with limited software development experience or who rely on their device as a daily driver.

Let’s delve into the details and known issues of this beta release.

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Beta Release Highlights

OnePlus enthusiasts and early adopters can now explore the cutting-edge features and improvements of Android 14 on their OnePlus 11 devices. Users can contribute valuable feedback to help refine the software before its stable release by participating in the beta program. It’s important to note that the beta build is not recommended for inexperienced users or those unfamiliar with flashing custom ROMs.

Android 14 Beta Program Known Issues

The Android 14 Beta for OnePlus 11 has a few known issues that users should know. These include WLAN malfunctions in specific scenarios, connection failures when casting to a TV display, a red screen appearing when switching from Guest mode to Owner mode, and other minor glitches such as WeChat call ringtone inconsistencies and screen freezes when using the front camera in WhatsApp. OnePlus is actively addressing these issues and improving the overall user experience.

Important Precautions

Flashing custom ROMs always carries some risks, including the possibility of bricking your phone. Users must carefully read and follow the instructions provided by OnePlus to minimize these risks. Additionally, backing up all important data before proceeding with the installation process is crucial.

Upgrade Instructions (EU&IN Versions)

For OnePlus 11 users in the EU and IN regions, Android 14 Beta can be upgraded via Local Install. The process involves downloading the latest ROM upgrade zip package from the specified server, copying it to the phone storage, enabling developer mode, and initiating the upgrade through the system settings. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on the OnePlus forum.

Upgrade Instructions (NA Version)

OnePlus 11 users in the NA region should follow a slightly different upgrade process. They must download the ROM upgrade zip package, copy it to the phone storage, install a specific APK, and initiate the upgrade through a dedicated app. This process is also outlined in detail on the OnePlus forum.

Rollback Instructions

If users encounter difficulties or wish to revert to a previous version, OnePlus provides rollback instructions. The rollback process requires downloading the appropriate ROM rollback zip package, copying it to the phone storage, and following similar steps as the upgrade process. Separate instructions are available for EU&IN versions and NA versions.

So, are you going to join the beta update program? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

Source: OnePlus Community


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