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ASRock 8 Series Motherboard Launched

Water flowing on the ASRock 8 Series Motherboard while running Windows

Want to buy a new rig for your gaming needs? Then better check out the newest motherboards from ASRock 8 Series. These motherboards already supports the latest generation of Intel processors. Yep, those are the Haswell processors of Intel. Haswell processors are known for having the biggest Gen-over-Gen Improvement in Energy Efficiency. That’s right folks, having a better performance doesn’t mean you need to have a larger electricity bill. Hehe. So what about the Motherboard? Let’s check out the new features of the ASRock Series 8 after the break.

One of my favorite feature of the ASRock 8 Series Motherboard is ASRock Home Cloud. Basically, that feature allows you to turn on your computer and even control it using your mobile device. It would be very useful especially when you want to check out something from your desktop computer. Audiophiles would love the ASRock 8 Series Motherboards because it has purity sound that brings you a much clearer and crisper sound.

ASRock 8 Series Motherboards
If you are living in a flood-prone area, you don’t have to worry anymore because these ASRock 8 Series Motherboards are Waterproof by Conformal Coating. Actually, they demoed us an ASRock 8 Series Motherboard with water flowing on it but it still manage to run and play videos. Here’s the proof:

So why don’t you check out your nearest computer stores and be sure to get the ASRock Series 8 motherboards for your gaming rig.

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