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ASUS Fonepad Launched in the Philippines (UPDATED)

ASUS Padfone was introduced to have a tablet and phone in a just a single device. But for those who can’t afford it but still want to have the taste of a smartphone and a tablet in a single device then you can opt for this device, The Asus Fonepad. Yeah, they just interchanged the names but this one is different from its bigger brother. The ASUS Fonepad is really great for those people who are always into using tablets but still want a full functionality of a phone. Compared to the Padfone 2, this one doesn’t have a docking station. Basically, this is a 7-inch with a phone functionality. Actually, there’s something different about this tablet compared to the other 7-inch Android competitors. Check it out after the break.

Mr. Eason De Guzman discussing the features of Asus Fonepad

The ASUS Fonepad features a 7-inch screen just like any other Android tablets but this one runs under Intel Atom processor on the hood. Most Android devices are running on ARM like the Exynos of Samsung, Qualcomm Processors and many more. Intel and Asus is proud that the ASUS Fonepad which is powered by Intel Atom Z2420 can last up to 9 hours of mobile usage. Not bad for a tablet.

Another good thing about this tablet is the 7″ sleek metallic finish design and its 2 premium colors — Champagne Gold and Titanium Gray. The tablet really feels solid and premium thanks to that premium finish. Asus is also boasting that this is the only 7-inch tablet with this design.

The Asus FonePad packs a 3 Megapixel Rear camera that can record 720p videos and a 1.2 MP camera. The front camera seems to have a better aperture than the one on the rear. I don’t really recommend tablets for taking photos so a better quality on the front camera sounds real nice.

ASUS Fonepad Specifications

Display: 7-inch IPS Display, 800 x 1280 pixels
Processor: 1.2Ghz  Z2420 / 1.6Ghz Z2460
Storage: 16 GB/32 GB Internal Storage
Camera: 3 MP Rear Camera and 2 MP Front Camera
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi b/g/n
Connectivity: HSPA+
Battery: 4270mAh
Colors: Champagne Gold and Titanium Gray
OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

ASUS Fonepad Price in the Philippines
The ASUS Fonepad comes in two variants the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 2460/32 GB for Php14,995 and Intel Atom Z2420 1.2GHz /8GB for 11,995.
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