Here’s a good headphone that can satisfy your hunger for bass and style, the Audio-Technica WS-55. This headphone features a midrange price but can offer a good sound quality. Aside from that, the Audio-Technica WS-55 is very stylish which I think will be attractive to the youth. Of course, we didn’t expect that this headphone will be better than the we previously reviewed, the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2. We used the cans for almost 2 weeks on different devices and yes, It reached most of my expectations.

Before we get down to the review, here’s the specifications of the Audio-Technica WS-55 headphone:

• Type : Closed-back dynamic
• Driver : 40mm
• Frequency Response : 10-24,000Hz
• Maximim Power Input : 500mW
• Sensitivity: 100dB.mW
• Impedance : 40Ω
• Weight : 165g
•Plug : 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini-plug (L-Type)
•Cord : 1.2m Y-type connector

Build and comfort

That’s the Audio-Technica logo on the cans

Just as we expect, the headphones will be light and portable. The one that we reviewed is the red Audio-Technica WS-55 headphones. I like how the Audio-Technica made this headphone. The cans are protected by a aluminum and along with that is the elegantly etched Audio-Technica Logo on it. It is one of the most stylish headphones I’ve seen and IMO it is way better than the Beats Solo. The headphones can be also folded for easy store but unfortunately, you can’t fold the headbands but it can be easily slide to fit in your head. The slider is made up of aluminum too so don’t worry about the durability of the headband. At the top of the headband is a cushion, very comfortable and not it didn’t cause me any irritation.

Yes the headphones can be folded for easy store and carry
The earpads!

The earpads are very comfortable, got no problems at all about it. Well, there aren’t any special designs on the earpads, just a simple and a very comfortable earpads.

Yep, It’s chrome-y and looks nice
Yeah! slide it baby!

Well, the cord? No problemo bro! It’s 1.2m long Y-type cord (Not bad). The only thing that I hate with Y-type cords is that they always tangled with my lanyard. No other issues aside from that. The cord is very durable and thick so I don’t thick that the cord will be torn down easily by some objects. The cable isn’t detachable but that isn’t an issue for me since this headphones are made for consumer not for some heavy audio-mixing whatsoever and some other kind of jobs that is similar to that. At the end is a L-Type 3.5mm Gold-plated plug. I’ve got no issues with that except that 

The cables. No they’re not detachable my friends
The L-type plug
The headphones features a solid bass system with new double air chamber, it helps the headphone to produce a richer and deeper bass. Oh and We’ll discuss the performance of the headphones later. All in all, the headphone is light and portable and yet it is still solid and comfortable.
Audio-Technica WS-55 with the iPhone
Sound Quality

The Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 clad in Aluminum
We tested this headphones on different songs and movies. It turns out that the 40mm drivers did well on our test. We tried this for 2 weeks and we used it almost everyday for an hour or so. Just like what I’ve told you earlier, it features a double air chamber system that helps the headphone improves its bass. We played some songs and I noticed that the bass were good but not excellent. Like what I’ve said earlier, I’ve tried this headphone with different songs, and here’s my take about the performance of the headphones on some songs.
Lose Control – Jojo ft. Timbaland

The bass on the song were good, I can clearly hear all the minor details on the song. There are some things that you would hear on the headphones clearly but not on the other headsets or headphones. It is great but not that excellent.

Half of my heart – John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift

Here’s a song that probably most of you love especially when you’re in love. Yes, folks. I’m a big fan of Johnny. Anyway, This song from John Mayer is one of my favorites and the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 didn’t fail to impress me. The acoustics were smooth and clear. You can clearly hear the song. And yes, the quality was great.

That’s Audio-technica baby!

All in all, the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 did well on our test. For more than 2 weeks of testing this headphones, I can say that the performance and the quality was great. I got a deep and punchy bass from its cans when playing some hip-hop or RnB songs and the blues and soft songs were great too. The design and the style of the headphones were great (And yes folks, I prefer the design of this one over the over-rated Beats Solo). For those who are interested on grabbing one, It is now available and it has a SRP of P3,799.00. You can check it out at some Authorized dealers listed here

Here’s the box of the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55:
Yes, I want to buy this headphones.

RATING: 8.7/10
Comfort: 9
Sound Quality: 8
Design: 9
Total – 26


Disclosure: The Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 was lend to us by Philippe Gadgets. The official distributor of Audio-Technica products in the Philippines. Thanks guys!

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