Rejoice fellow gamers! Sony is about to announce the next iteration of the Playstation in a few months (or maybe a year!) and it will be called as Playstation Orbis. According to Kotaku, it is expected to be release next year, 2013 for the holidays. I wasn’t surprised that they called it as Orbis since the latest Playstation was called as Playstation Vita not Playstation Portable 2. In Latin, Orbis means Ring or circle. I guess there will be some integration with the Playstation Vita and some other devices that’s why they called it as Orbis.

Anyway, new console means new hardware. According to their trusted sources, it will have an AMD X64 CPU and the latest AMD Southern Islands GPU (Those are the latest Graphics from AMD). Those hardware will be capable of displaying a resolution up to 4096×2160. No joke folks, that’s way bigger than your iPad 3 or your HDTV. I guess, Sony wants manufacturers to create a Retina TV too LOL. Backwards compatibility? Sorry folks, your favorite PS3 games won’t work on the new Playstation, just like what they did on the PS3. Oh and you CAN’T, I repeat, you CAN’T play used games because according to them, you’ll need to connect your PSN account to the game before you can start it. I wonder, how the hell can we sell our used games. These are just rumors and we’re not sure if those things will be really on the new Playstation. Well, There are still room for changes.

Via Kotaku

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