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Batanaes State College gets iGate Premium Internet Access from PLDT

Batanes State College (BSC) in the remote northernmost island of Luzon receives cutting-edge iGate Premium Internet Access from PLDT Enterprise.

The transition to distance learning has also underscored the challenges faced by some academic institutions due to geographical constraints and limited wireless broadband infrastructure. In addition, Batanes State College (BSC), situated on a remote island at the northern tip of Luzon, is a prime example of a school grappling with these limitations.


However, a transformative change is now on the horizon. PLDT Enterprise, the corporate arm of PLDT, has inked an agreement to provide BSC with iGate Premium Internet Access, a dedicated internet service that guarantees seamless connectivity.

This milestone marks BSC as the first institution in Batanes to enjoy high-performance online services from PLDT Enterprise solutions. The iGate service is also poised to revolutionize academic and administrative operations by enabling efficient virtual attendance for employees and students, eliminating the logistical and cost challenges of mainland training and seminars.

Moreover, PLDT Enterprise has been a frontrunner in driving digitalization across the country for years, helping organizations advance towards digital maturity. Its significance has grown in the wake of remote work setups for businesses and distance learning models for schools.

The collaboration between PLDT Enterprise and Batanes State College promises to make a significant impact on the local academic sector. Faculty, staff, and students will gain access to enhanced connectivity, enriching their educational experiences with a wealth of digital resources.

Vincent R. Rodriguez, Business Head of Luzon and GMM LGU at PLDT Enterprise, notes, “With iGate, Batanes State College can harness the power of reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to deliver an enhanced learning experience. We ensure seamless and managed connectivity as well as guaranteed bandwidth, allowing the institution to focus on education while we take care of their digital needs.”

For those institutions still grappling with connectivity challenges, Magbatoc extends an invitation to “join the league of forward-thinking educational institutions that have already embraced iGate and provide your students and educators with the tools they need to succeed in a digital world.”

Batanes State College is committed to enhancing communication within the institution. They’ll do it by establishing a centralized network for voice and data, advancing toward a smart campus and digitalization. In addition to iGate, the institution has improved its mobile solutions with Smart Bizload. This offers faculty and staff prepaid loads systematically and conveniently. Moreover, they are considering the adoption of the Smart Messaging Suite to disseminate information to students efficiently. They will integrate it into their enrollment system to prompt enrolled students promptly.

The deployment of iGate underscores BSC’s dedication to digital transformation, with PLDT Enterprise guiding their aspirations toward a competitive edge in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
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