Everybody loves to have the Cherry Mobile Flare and the Titan when it was announced because of its affordable price and its nice hardware. To give you some recap, the Cherry Mobile Flare packs a dual-core Snapdragon processor, Android 4.0 ICS with a 4” screen with a SRP of P3,999 while the Cherry Mobile Titan packs a 5” screen, dual-core MTK processor and Android 4.0 ICS for P6,499. The specifications of those phones were quite great for a price like that. Since these phones just gave us so many questions, we dedicated this show to those people who has a lot of questions and comments about the Cherry Mobile Flare and Titan. We talked about the performance, the hardware and a lotta stuff about those phones. Aside from those phones, we also talked about the new Apple devices like the iPad mini, Retina Macbooks, iMacs and many more. I gave some my insights about the new Apple products (Since I’m the scumbag Apple fanboy on the show). Why don’t you just check out the show after the break? Click read more to check out the show!

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