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Can Nokia make a comeback?

Nokia N9 in three different lively colors
Nokia received a lot of beating when the S60v5 or simply called as the Symbian^1 was released. The popularity of the Symbian devices also faded when the iOS device was released, followed by Android. Many people believed that Android and iOS was superior than Symbian
The Symbian^3
Nokia E7 equipped with Symbian^3
When Symbian^3 was announced and released many people were disappointed with the new features and they feel that Symbian^3 still lacks something. As the time goes on many Symbian users had switched to Android.
Nokia C2-03 offers a keypad and a touchscreen
This 2011, Nokia has a chance to make a comeback. With new phones that they announced with a new OS and some affordable phones which offers what people demand nowadays.
Is Nokia coming back?

I think so, With their new Flagship phone The Nokia N9, Nokia can get their throne back. Thanks to their newest OS, Meego. Too bad they’re not keeping Meego for so long but Nokia may reconsider that if Meego became popular and a hit.
Windows Phone 7 is also on track this year with its mass production next year. Nokia is betting their future on Windows Phone 7, The OS that has simple UI but with great features. I think WP7 is great but it still lacks some popularity. It only has a fraction of users compared to Android and iOS. 
Will WP7 saved Nokia?. Well, Time will tell us. Let’s just wait for that Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ and see how will things turn out

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