My left hand and the Monstrous Nokia X7

Last tuesday, I was invited to watch the advance screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and along with the advance screening, I was able to get a hands-on of the music monster phone of Nokia, The Nokia X7
First of all I want to thank Nokia Philippines especially Nikka & Ronald for the advance screening and for the Nokia X7 hands-on 🙂

Nokia X7 has a bigger screen compared to the current flagship, the Nokia N8 and the same screen size with the Nokia E7. Even though it has a 4.0″ screen, it still has the same 640 x 360 resolution. Oh I forgot that this one uses the AMOLED screen w/ Clearblack feature in it. I felt that the Nokia E7 was better to hold than the Nokia X7 but Nokia X7 has a thinner and sleeker metal body. I like the design but I just don’t like it when it is in my hands, I felt that it will slip on my hand easily.

The Sim Card slot for the Nokia X7
The speaker was so loud yet clear (that’s why it is categorized as a multimedia phone). One of the best speakers in a phone that I’ve got to played with. It also features the USB-on-the-go which can be found on the Nokia E7 too and the same 8 Megapixel fixed-focus camera. Yeah, it is a bit disappointing to see that autofocus can’t be found in here.
The Nokia X7
Nokia X7’s Metal Back
It still has the same ARM 11 680 MHz and GPU that was use on the other Symbian^3 phones but this one uses Symbian Anna, an updated version of Symbian^3. Symbian Anna will also come to the older Symbian^3 phones. Symbian Anna features a better browser. I tried opening a lot of apps (I think that was 3 apps including Galaxy On Fire) and then browse the web. And yeah, the browser loads my blog fast. The thing that I don’t like here is the lack of Adobe Flash 10 support.  But I was disappointed with the pinch-to-zoom feature in gallery, It took me some time before that feature work.
Nokia X7 in Landscape mode
Asphalt 5 HD and Galaxy on Fire HD is included when you buy a Nokia X7 (both games = addicting). OVI maps and check-ins for some social networks are the things that I like about this phone. With Ovi store inside, you can download more apps and games that you like.
Galaxy On Fire HD on the Nokia X7
Multi-tasking on the Nokia X7
All in all, I still like the Nokia X7’s sleek body and feature. It is a great multimedia phone but the aging Symbian OS is bringing it down. Symbian has fewer apps and games compared to Android and iOS. The 680 MHz processor is also too low when it comes to numbers but Symbian manages apps and games well so don’t worry about that one, and you can even record and playback 720p videos. The 4.0″ AMOLED screen w/ Clearblack Display is great when watching your favorite videos and playing my favorite game, Angry Birds (you can download it on the OVI store, oh and do check out jam online on OVI store too!)
The SRP of Nokia X7 is P21,275.00 but you can get it for only P19,000.00 at Widget City

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