CD-R King sells different computer accessories ranging from blank DVDs to beauty products (Yep, you read that right). This time, I found another product that you won’t expect to be sold on CD-R King stores — A Windmill. Yes, A fully functional Windmill is being sold on CD-R King. There aren’t much information about the product but you can get it for a hefty price tag of P100,000.00. Not bad CD-R King. What’s next? A house and lot? A car?. Do you want to buy a Windmill from them? Just check out this link Geez, seriously guys from CD-R King? Do you want to invade the world slowly with your products?
CD-R King sells everything is a section of JAM Online in where the author talks about CD-R King products that you might not be familiar with. And yes, these products are real

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