Cherry Ion has been available for a while now and it’s a personal air purifier that can filter and protect you from bacteria, germs, allergens, and other airborne viruses with its 200 million/cm3 negative ions. Which means that it could also prevent you from having colds, flu, fever, and even asthma.

For the design of the Cherry Ion, it comes in All Star, Tokidoki Girls, Unicorno, California Dreamin’, Rainforest, Donutella, and Punkstar. all of it are stylish and perfect for the youth. The Cherry Ion with Tokidoki design are available for Php3,500 and it is available at Secret Fresh which is owned by Big Boy Cheng.

Aside from the TokiDoki design, the Cherry Ion also comes in new colors that includes White-Blue, White-Red, White-Green, Black-Yellow, and Black-Red. You can get these colors of Cherry Ion for Php3,199.


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