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CHERRY embraces equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace

CHERRY demonstrates its commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. As Pride Month comes to a close, CHERRY continues to prioritize equality, diversity, and inclusivity as core values within the organization. By embracing individuals from all walks of life, CHERRY creates a space where new ideas can thrive, ensuring a competitive and forward-thinking company culture.

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A Welcoming Environment for All

At CHERRY, employees from different backgrounds and gender identities experience equal treatment and respect. Edna Teodoro, a long-time employee, attests to the kindness and equal treatment she encounters daily. The company’s commitment to equality extends to all levels, even reaching the highest positions within the organization.

“No matter what gender we identify as, we are all treated equally, and
even our bosses don’t think less of us,” Teodoro said.

Meanwhile, Marra Lanot, a new employee from the Public Relations Department, appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at CHERRY. Regardless of gender identity, employees feel a strong sense of belonging, fostering socialization and teamwork among colleagues. This inclusive environment enables staff to showcase their full potential and contribute diverse perspectives.

“There is a sense of family where everyone feels they belong, regardless of our gender identity,” Lanot addressed.

Valuing Skills and Qualifications

CHERRY prioritizes skills and qualifications over cultural fit when considering new hires. Thanya Santelices, a Digital Marketing Specialist, emphasizes the importance of diverse viewpoints in overcoming challenges and fostering innovation. By creating an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up, CHERRY encourages collaboration and the generation of big ideas.

“Our diverse workforce brings a wide range of viewpoints to the table, and this is a big help when it comes to overcoming challenges,” Santelices highlighted

Being Authentic in the Workplace

Macky Lamoca, an Operations Supervisor, expresses gratitude for the acceptance and freedom to be himself at CHERRY. The company values authenticity, allowing employees to bring their genuine selves to work without fear of judgment. This culture of respect and empathy enables individuals to unleash their full potential and enhances overall teamwork.

“At CHERRY, we can just come as we are, be our genuine selves, and not hide anything in the workplace,” Lamoca noted.

Supportive Leadership

Aside from embracing diversity, CHERRY demonstrates supportive leadership by promoting work-life balance and acknowledging employees’ unique life experiences and commitments outside of work. Vinn Punzalan, the Digital Marketing Manager, emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication, actively listening to employees’ needs and concerns.

“We encourage open and honest communication and making sure that we are receptive and
listens actively,” Punzalan shared.

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Workplace

CHERRY’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive workplace fosters a comfortable and productive atmosphere where employees can thrive. By celebrating and recognizing the importance of diversity, CHERRY ensures that its team reflects the communities they serve. This inclusive approach not only benefits employees but also contributes to the company’s success.

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