Christmas has ended, probably you’re looking for a new and affordable phone right now. If you’re looking for a smartphone that is below P5,000, you might want to look at the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 why? Because it is priced below P5,000 but the specifications of this phone is quite good enough. Yes, the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 is running on a quad-core processor. Why don’t you check out how the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 fares in my review after the break.

Just like the first Cherry Mobile Burst, the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 still have that curvy body which feels a little bit awkward especially when on landscape mode. The curves at the lower part of the phone distract me from playing games when in landscape mode. The bezel on the lower part and the curves are really big which annoys me very much. Actually, the front of the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 looks like larger Cherry Mobile Burst.

At the back, you’ll see the rear cover that looks like it was divided into two. But it’s not. The speaker can be seen at the lower part below the logo of Cherry Mobile. I actually had a hard time removing it, but of course, it wasn’t really a big issue for me. I really like the rubber-like texture of the back because it adds more grip into it. Another thing that I notice on the phone is that it looks taller and the bezel on the sides aren’t that big.

One of the biggest disappointments on the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 is the display. The viewing angles were pretty bad. The sunlight legibility wasn’t that good too. I wish they put in an IPS display on the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0. But the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 has a large enough display for your gaming needs, worry not about the resolution, it isn’t that bad for its size.
All the connectivity that you’re looking for a smartphone is here except LTE and NFC but that’s expected already. Unfortunately, only one of its Sim card slot can be enabled with 3G. Inside the phone is a 4 GB storage which is probably not enough especially when you love to install games and apps so I strongly recommend you guys to buy an SD card for your media files or if you’re brave enough, just root the phone to do a lot of things with it. But remember, rooting your phone will void your warranty.

The battery of the phone is rated at 2000mAh and I was not surprised that the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 performs really well than I expected. The Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 lasts more than a day of average use. There’s a little bit of browsing using WiFi and a few minutes of gaming. The battery life of the phone was pretty well.

The audio quality of the phone isn’t the best that I’ve heard but it is already acceptable. I expected it to be more crisp and clear. Anyway, the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0’s audio quality isn’t its best feature. The Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 doesn’t really boast a special feature so don’t expect too much from it.

There aren’t too much bloatwares on the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 which was quite good.
The Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 doesn’t run on the latest Android but we don’t care much about that as long as the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 can run games really well. And yes folks, most of the games that you want, could probably be played on this smartphone. One of the most popular 3D game in the Play Store right now is Dead Trigger 2 and it runs pretty damn well without lags thanks to the Quad-Core MediaTek processor but don’t get fooled with that because when you’re playing Real Boxing and Asphalt 8, you might feel the need for more power because you can’t maxed out the settings at Asphalt 8 (You’re probably at low-mid settings for the burst 2.0) and you wouldn’t feel the smooth frame rates at Real boxing.

I wasn’t disappointed with the 512 MB RAM inside because of its price. Remember, this phone is worth not more than P5,000 so don’t expect a high-end hardware in it. Anyway, the difference between a 512 MB RAM and 1 GB RAM was noticeable but don’t worry, guys, 512 MB RAM isn’t that bad and laggy.
The Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 got a not-so-surprising score of 13430 at Antutu. Remember guys, the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 has a WVGA display which means that it needs less power rendering because of its lower resolution. Yep, that’s why the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 got that score.

The camera of the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 wasn’t that good. The 5 Megapixel camera in it isn’t that good. The colors were a little bit washed out and the noise was very noticeable especially during lowlight conditions. The camera doesn’t have autofocus too. People who are into Macro shots wouldn’t probably like this phone. Here are some shots that I took using the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0.

While here’s a HD video sample of the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0. And as expected, the video sample wasn’t that good too. Check out the video sample below.

The Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 might lack some features like the lack of autofocus and bad viewing angles but the price of the Cherry Mobile Burst 2.0 is certainly very attractive. They used a MediaTek processor instead of a Qualcomm processor which was a nice choice if you’re into performance. If you love instagram and the camera is a big deal to you, better stay away to this phone but if you’re on a low budget and you prefer having a phone with a large screen with a better performance than the Qualcomm MSM8225q processor, you might want to add this on your list. It is now available for P4,699.


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