Cherry Mobile G2

Cherry Mobile G2 is not the company’s first device that you can strap on your wrist. Cherry Mobile G1 was the first one but unlike the G1,the Cherry Mobile G2 is really a smartwatch and not a phone. The Cherry Mobile G2 could connect this device to your smartphone via bluetooth and it can display notifications and do other things. Do you want to know more about this device? Check out my review below.


The Cherry Mobile G2 not thin but it’s quite alright for a smartwatch. Compared to the Cherry Mobile G1, this one doesn’t look like a gadget from a Power Rangers and yes, the G2 looks a lot better than the G1. The design is clean however the smartwatch is a little bit thick.

Cherry Mobile G2 band
The whole watch is made up of rubber-y like texture and the band also serves as the USB cable of the watch. So if you broke the watchband, you won’t be able to charge it so be very careful with it because once you broke it, you can’t replace it

Cherry Mobile G2 USB


Cherry Mobile G2 Software

The Cherry Mobile G2 is running on a proprietary software and the interface of the Cherry Mobile G2 is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. But since the hardware powering this device isn’t powerful as the one on the Android wear devices, don’t expect the same smoothness on the Cherry Mobile G2.

Cherry Mobile G2 will ask you to download btnotifications.apk on your smartphone but you can’t find it on Google Play store however, there’s a MediaTek smart device app that you could also use as an alternative to that app. The connection between the Cherry Mobile G2 and any Android smartphones works pretty well and I didn’t had any problems with it.

Cherry Mobile G2 Music Player

There are a lot of apps included in the Cherry Mobile G2 like remote notifier, camera, music player, step counter, calendar, alarm, calculator, and stopwatch. The remote notifier can show you the latest notifications from your phone and it works pretty well.

Cherry Mobile G2 cameraCherry Mobile G2 tools

There’s a camera that you can use for taking photos and recording videos. It is placed at the top of the display just like the Samsung Gear 2 however, the image quality isn’t that good and probably the best use of this camera is to use it as a spy camera.

Cherry Mobile G2 step counter

The step counter on the Cherry Mobile G2 works well too but it will only work if the Cherry Mobile G2 is connected on the smartphone. The measurement is accurate and it is a very useful feature to track your steps.

And lastly, the Cherry Mobile G2’s audio player can be used as a controller for the music player on your smartphone or you could use it to play music on the Cherry Mobile G2. There’s a 4GB internal storage on the watch and yes, you could put music inside the watch. Unfortunately, you can’t use the audio player control for Spotify.

One thing that annoys me with this watch is whenever someone calls me on my phone while the Cherry Mobile G2 is connected, the audio output is in the smatwatch instead on the earpiece of the smartphone. It happens because the smartwatch is connected to the phone and it is detected as a speaker.


Cherry Mobile G2 hand

There are only a few wearables available in the market right now. Most of them are really expensive while some are only works on selected devices like the Samsung Gears. Cherry Mobile G2 isn’t the best wearable that you can get right now but this one is definitely one of the most affordable one that you could get. Cherry Mobile G2 is now available for PhP1,899.


  1. pwede po ba kuya jam na mag-copy ng songs,photos,videos sa computer at i saved sa CHERRY MOBILE G2 dba pwede syang maging USB….. plss lang poh!! pakisagot lang kuya!!!! T.Y


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