Selfie is becoming a trend and front cameras have been getting better. There were a lot of smartphones that are focusing on their front cameras lately and some of them are making wide angle front cameras on their smartphones like Samsung and Gionee but Cherry Mobile selfie is different, they put a 13-Megapixel BSI camera as their rear camera and also at the front camera. Not only that, Cherry Mobile Selfie also sports an LED flash at the front. Interested? Check out my review below.




The first thing you’ll notice in this smartphone is the very curvy design. I know, it gives the phone a more feminine look. I don’t find the design attractive but I like the combination of the gold accents and the pearl white back cover, that combination makes the phone look more chic and premium. Despite having a plastic build, the phone is very solid however, the back cover of this smartphone isn’t removable that’s why you can’t replace the battery of the phone.



At the back, you’ll see the Dual-LED flash along with a big circle which is the camera. Again, I don’t find that attractive but some people might like it. The weight of the phone feels just right and since the Cherry Mobile Selfie only have a 4.7-inch display, the phone isn’t big and it feels very comfortable to hold.



The sim card slot of the Cherry Mobile Selfie is a little bit weird. Since there’s the back cover isn’t removable, you’ll have to put your sim card into the sim card tray and since the sim card tray is long, you could put 2 sim cards in there – a micro sim and a nano sim. So why is it weird? Because, the nano sim tray can also function as a MicroSD card slot. Yep, it’s either you’ll use two sim on the tray or just use a single sim and a microSD card. A little bit confusing but it’s amazing.



The audio quality of the phone isn’t that loud and you might not like the quality of it. Regarding connectivity, I didn’t had problems with the cell reception and WiFi



Cherry Mobile Selfie packs a tall 4.7-inch HD display. For its size, the difference between HD and Full HD on a 4.7-inch display isn’t really noticeable. The bezels on the top and bottom were really thick but not on the sides which makes the phone really comfortable to hold. When it comes to quality, I’m quite satisfied with it. The outside visibility is good and the viewing angles are great. Again, despite not having a Full HD display, it is still great.




Inside the Cherry Mobile Selfie is MT6592 processor and a 2GB RAM. The specifications of the phone is quite good actually. There’s a powerful octa-core processor inside and there’s a more than enough 2GB of RAM on the phone. And yes, there’s a near-stock Android inside that’s why I barely experienced lags on this smartphone.


Since there’s a powerful processor with a 2GB of RAM and only an HD display on this smartphone, running heavy games on this one won’t be a problem. Since there’s a 2 GB or RAM, multi-tasking isn’t a problem here too. I’ve tried different games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Batman: Arkham Origins and it runs smoothly and without lags. Actually, I didn’t had any problems with it. Cherry Mobile Selfie got a score of 33690 which is pretty good.


Battery Life

Cherry Mobile Selfie packs a 2300mAh battery inside. It’s non-removable but the 2300mAh is already enough for the Cherry Mobile Selfie. I was able to use the Cherry Mobile Selfie for a day with moderate use. At heavy use, the Cherry Mobile Selfie can’t last more than a half a day but overall, the battery life of the smartphone is pretty great.




This smartphone got a 13-Megapixel BSI f/2.0 Camera with Dual-LED Flash and a 13-Megapixel Front camera with LED flash. There’s a selfie button at the middle side of the phone, which is strategically placed for selfies. You can use a shutter button for the camera app. However, when you use this shutter button, it’ll automatically start a timer before taking a photo.



Since the smartphone packs a dual-LED flash, the images are very bright even at low-light conditions. However, I noticed that some images are very bright at some conditions. The front camera’s LED flash is just right when doing selfies. Overall, the camera of the Cherry Mobile Selfie is good and yes, I really liked it.




Cherry Mobile Selfie is one decent smartphone from Cherry Mobile. The phone got a decent battery life, great performance, and an awesome front and rear camera but some people might not like the feminine design and the thick bezel. But overall, the Cherry Mobile is a pretty great phone for PHP9,999.


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