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Cherry Mobile is the king of smartphones in the Philippines for Q2 2017

Cherry Mobile is still the king of smartphones in the Philippines despite new brands and a stronger lineup of smartphones from other brands, especially from OPPO and Vivo. IDC has reported that Cherry Mobile is still the #1 smartphone company in the Philippines thanks to the $50 and below smartphones which are driving the volume sales of Cherry Mobile in the country.

Samsung came in at second while OPPO came in at third followed by Cloudfone and Vivo. One of the factors that drive the smartphone sales in the Philippines is the strong marketing efforts especially the Chinese brands, OPPO and Vivo. Samsung came in 2nd thanks to the affordable J series which is the highlight series of the brand in the Philippines while Cloudfone’s marketing efforts and promotions with NBA has definitely helped their USD25 and below smartphones.

Well, Cherry Mobile still is the king as they offer smartphones from the masses and they’re really way affordable compared to most brands. It’s really hard to topple Cherry Mobile at this point as their smartphones are really appealing to the masses.

Source: IDC

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Jam Ancheta
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