CHERRY has launched its multi-function rice cooker, expanding its kitchen appliances product lineup.

Rice Cooker Resize

The CHERRY Multi-function Rice Cooker boasts an impressive array of nine working modes, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. These modes include Standard, Quick, Porridge, Soup, Slow, Yoghurt, Cake, Steam, and Warm. These options allow users to explore and experiment with various recipes, elevating their culinary experience.

Japanese-Style Design for Every Kitchen

Adding aesthetic appeal to functionality, the rice cooker features a Japanese-style design that seamlessly complements any kitchen decor. The sleek and modern appearance enhances the overall visual appeal of kitchen countertops.

With a 2L capacity, the CHERRY Multi-function Rice Cooker is well-suited for small to medium households. The cooking process is also simple: measure the rice and water using the provided cup, place them in the inner pot, and choose the desired cooking mode through the user-friendly LED Touchscreen Display.

For added convenience, the rice cooker comes equipped with a programmable timer. Users can set the cooking time according to their preferences, allowing for a customized cooking experience. Once the cooking cycle is complete, the appliance automatically transitions to the ‘keep warm’ mode, ensuring that the food remains at an optimal temperature until ready to serve.


Priced at an affordable Php2,499, the CHERRY Multi-function Rice Cooker offers a cost-effective solution for households looking to streamline their cooking processes and diversify their meal options.

Meanwhile, you can get it at CHERRY Shop PH (, Shopee, and Lazada.


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