In the pursuit of a safe and healthy home environment, CHERRY has introduced the Smart Air Quality Sensor—allowing dedicated parents to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. More than just a data provider, this smart sensor offers valuable insights, providing peace of mind by ensuring homes are sanctuaries of clean and breathable air.

CHERRY Smart Air Quality Sensor KV

Key Features and Insights
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring: This smart device empowers parents with real-time data on essential indicators like particulate matter (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), and more.
  • Seamless Smartphone Integration: Navigating the device is effortless as it seamlessly connects to smartphones through the CHERRY IoT Solutions App. Receive instant updates on your smartphone when air quality deteriorates, enabling prompt action.
Price and Availability

Create a healthier living space with the CHERRY Smart Air Quality Sensor, priced at Php4,999. For those ready to invest in their family’s well-being, this device is available at You can also score it on Lazada and Shopee.

So, are you getting one?

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