Last Friday, we were invited by National Geographic to the premiere of COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey. The new show will premier simultaneously on National Geographic Channel and FOX on March 12 at 10 PM.

COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey tells us the story of our universe and how the human beings developed their place in the universe and their concept of the laws of nature. The new show would feature some reinvented elements like the Cosmic Calendar and the Ship of Imagination from Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a show that was hosted by Carl Sagan in the 80’s.

This series was produced by Seth MacFarlane. You might probably heard that guy because he is the man behind Family Guy and TED but this series proved us that he isn’t just great at making funny films but also in Astronomy.

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey will be hosted by popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Author of New York Times bestsellers and also the man behind this meme:
Source: Know Your Meme

It will premiere on March 12 at National Geographic channel and FOX simultaneously at 10 PM. Don’t forget to watch this! It’s awesome!


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