Level up will bring you the Crazy Kart 2 or CK2rbo. Level up will still continue Crazy Kart so don’t worry CK players. In order to play Crazy Kart 2 Close beta you need to follow some instructions.

Here are some of the new features that CK2RBO will bring into play:

Race Team Formation
I think this is the biggest feature of the game that will make it a huge hit. In the original CK, you can’t make teams or guilds. CK2RBO allows gamers to form their own clubs and they can actually level the guild up which will unlock more features for them later on. I also heard that race teams can “own” maps depending on their performance.

Character Progression
Gamers can also increase their driving rank based provided they accomplish several requirements and tasks. This is a step beyond your usual character leveling. Going up levels also provide various bonuses.

New Maps, Karts, and Characters
And of course… maps, karts, and more avatars!

CK2RBO will be more mature, edgier, and definitely sexier. As you guys know, Gaby Dela Merced is the official endorser of the game. She wasn’t used too much in the original Crazy Kart but she’ll play a major role in the promotions of CK2RBO. You can read about my first impressions about Gaby in my earlier post.

How to join CBT
Mechanics are fairly simple. Just make sure you have a Crazy Kart account, download the CK2RBO client, and top up at least 100 bucks anytime from September 7 – October 7. That will automatically qualify you for a CK2RBO CBT pass.

If you love Gabby Dela Merced, then you gotta love this game too lol,

Via Waukster

Crazy Kart 2 Official Website

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