This year, music streaming became big in the country with the arrival of Spotify and Deezer. I love using music streaming apps rather than the built-in music player on my device. Why? because there’s no need to download for the music and it is easier to discover new songs on these applications. If you’re confused which is better between Spotify and Deezer, then better check out the infographic below.

I actually use Spotify because I discovered Spotify first before Deezer (hehe!) and my telco offers a free data for Spotify (Yep, GoSurf!). The premium plan pricing is also cheaper on Spotify and you could even have a free premium access to Spotify if you’ve registered to GoSurf. So guys, what do you think? which is better and why?


  1. I prefer Deezer. Their music recommendations are more accurate and more diverse than Spotify. Spotify is for the people who don’t know music.


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