Department of Education (DepEd) included Google Chromebooks in their list of devices that can be donated to public schools, teachers, and learners.

With this, local government units supporting DepEd can now acquire Chromebooks using their Special Education Fund (SEF) and donate them to public schools in their areas. As a quick background, 146 cities and 1,488 municipalities now have SEFs.

Meanwhile, DepEd also revealed that the memo applies to NGOs and other organizations helping the institution and other education initiatives.

In the memorandum, DepEd noted that Chromebooks will “help facilitate distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic” and “ensure the dependability of devices in the conduct of face-to-face in the future.”


Google offers a wide range of affordable Chromebooks with powerful built-in accessibility and security features. Running on Google’s Chrome, it provides users with a secure, reliable device with a user-friendly interface.

Chromebooks also sport an offline mode, allowing teachers and students to work or teach without internet connections.

Moreover, it supports seamless connections with Google Workspace for Education, creating an all-in-one device that offers an immersive learning environment.

The Philippines’ brands that offer Chrome devices are Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo.


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