One of the things I like in grand theft auto is modding it. In GTA:SA or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I change the police cars into fast & luxury cars. And downloading some modifications that will change your map. And today, I discovered at GTAGAMING that there are already modifications for Grand theft auto IV

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Some of the updates of GTA IV Bodyguard mod

* Discard all guards: once discarded, they will simply walk off and act as pedestrians. When they are far enough out of your view, they will disappear.
* Change character model: there are about 340 models to choose from – everyone from Ricky Gervais to strippers!
* Change weapon: choose which weapon you want your next guard to spawn with.
* Toggle invincibility: spawn your next guard as invincible or mortal.
* Fixed bug where game would crash if you had too many dead guards
* Fixed bug where guards turned on you or each other
* Guards now get an MP5 no matter what other weapon you choose so that they can perform driveby’s

You can download the Bodyguard mod here


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