Too bad for players who want to register to RF online Philippines. They had just disabled the registration page for a while. More after the jump.

From RF online PH website

Good day, citizens of Novus.

Effective today, January 14, 2009, registration for new accounts for RF Online is disabled indefinitely until further notice. As you may notice, new “nuisance” accounts are being generated by cheaters as either storage accounts or used to trade duped and other illegal items.

Without new accounts, it will be easier for us to trace those doing illegal activities and sanction them as per our policies.

Meanwhile, other measures are being tested to minimize the impact of the cheats and crashes to the game. We thank you for being patient and for helping us apprehend these unscrupulous individuals. Your vigilance is needed in these trying times.

Thank you for your continued patronage of the game that we all love. Trust that we are always here to serve and protect the integrity of RF Online.

Nice move. less hacks, less cheats and many players will go back to RF online


  1. Wat hackers are u talking about?!, CCRs the only company dat’s goin’ to benefit from RF PHs closure a REAL hacker would’nt be doing this c’mon. Wud u hak a game u luv playing 2 dah point of ruining it I don’t think so, blame CCR their running the show!

  2. I just downloaded the game and was not aware of this. I hope it gets resolved soon as I am vert eager to play this game.


  3. wtf i just downloaded the game and registration was disabled????..i played this before and i liked it and i missed playing it again but right now it was not worth downloading it. It suckks knowing that after you downloaded the game for hours and you cannot register an account to play the game???..damn you~~!!! why still launch a game that you cannot fixed some problems like you have mention that there is some hackers, you have to solve it without affecting the players that would like play. In the first place why launch a game if you cannot resolve the issue disabling the registration is loosing the future clients that you will be having or planning to play this game …management sukss i like the game but who runs it sucks!!!!!!!


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