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DTC Mobile GT2 Review: Touchscreen, Mobile TV and Dual Sim!

Here’s the 3rd phone that we’ll raffle soon. But before that, I would like to review the phone first. Just to give you some preview of the phone, the phone would have a 3.2” resistive touchscreen, Dual Sim and a mobile TV. Yep, all of those phones that we’ll be giving away will have dual sim and mobile TV. (Well, if you’re watching the BIG TIME SHOW regularly, I previously discussed and shown some of the features of this phone. Unfortunately the phone isn’t on Android (Sorry Android fans!). The phone is powered by proprietary OS which has some features that are similar to Android. The user interface of the phone is somewhat combination of HTC, LG and Samsung Android phones. Nonetheless, the phone still looks good. Check out the break for the review of the phone

Hardware and Construction

And just as we suspected, the phone is made up of plastic but it got some pretty chrome-y sides. Its design reminds me of the First Samsung Omnia. Even though the body is made up of plastic, the cellphone is very solid and the phone seems to be heavy for its size but I got no problem with that. IMO, I really like the design of the DTC Mobile GT2. I like the chrome-y sides and all.

What are those circles?

I was disappointed to see that they use resistive instead of the capacitive one. The resistive isn’t as responsive as the capacitive and this one doesn’t recognize your finger that easily. They’ll require you to use your fingernails or a stylus if you want. I also notice on my review unit that the ‘screen has dark circles when the screen is not on. But it doesn’t affect the touch experience on the phone. It is just annoying to see things like that on my screen. Oh and before I forgot, this phone doesn’t have multi-touch. Below the screen are the three buttons and these are answer, lock/on/off/cancel button and the menu button which is in the middle. Nothing special about that but I’m already used to Android’s buttons that’s why I had some confusions in it in the first place. 

4 Sides of the DTC mobile GT2

At the top of the phone, you can find the Micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack and the round charger port that is similar to the one that can be found on the Nokia phones. At the left side of the phone is where the volume rocker is placed. At the opposite side is where the camera button is placed. It’s quite nice that they placed a camera button on the side even though there’s no accelerometer. Yep, you can’t do landscape mode on the GT2.

Dual Sim slot and MicroSD card slot

At the back, you’ll notice the DTC Mobile logo at the bottom and the camera & speaker grill at the top which is quite loud but not that clear at maximum sound. That’s pretty common for phones like this. Then there’s the 900mAh battery inside. It is smaller compared to DTC Mobile Ego but this one can last up to many days since this one isn’t a smartphone. You can also see the two speakers inside too and then there’s the dual sim slot and the MicroSD card slot. Unfortunately, there’s no 3G on this phone.

The DTC Mobile GT2 packs a 1.3 megapixel rear camera and a front camera. Like what I’ve said earlier, you can’t use landscape mode to take pictures. The quality of the camera isn’t that good since it is just a 1.3 megapixel camera. Don’t expect too much on the camera of this phone but this one got a LED Flash.

DTC Mobile GT2’s Front Camera


The phone’s OS is proprietary and it combines the UI elements of iPhone, Samsung, LG and HTC. The Homescreen looks like HTC but the clock widget came from LG. But when you open the Menu, you’ll see the Samsung inspired icons but you can change that to iOS. The iOS menu style is much cleaner than the other one. There are some apps that most of you need like the Facebook and Twitter which are just a shortcut to mobile sites. There’s a web browser too but don’t expect a full web browsing experience just like on your iPads and smartphones. The web browser isn’t good as the one that can be found on most smartphones.

Is that Samsung-inspired icons?

If you feel bored when you’re in a bus. There’s only one game called Gold rush. But if you want more games and apps for this phone, you can download some Java apps and I suggest that you put it on a MicroSD (The phone can support up to 8GB by the way). It’s pretty hard to play games on this phone since this is just a resistive one and I’m already used to capacitive screen phones. 

Dat Antenna

The DTC Mobile GT2 also features Mobile TV. Just like the other 2 DTC Mobile TV phones that I’ve reviewed, it’s kinda hard to get a clear reception of different local channels. Well of course, that still depends on your location. The Mobile TV app on this phone is better than the other DTC Mobile phones. You can make it to 16:9 widescreen from 3:2 which is the normal size for local TV channels here in the Philippines.


All in all, the DTC Mobile GT2 is just one of the mobile TV in the market. It features the same hardware just like the other featurephones but this one sports a 3.2” touchscreen, Mobile TV, Dual Sim and MicroSD. Those are just some of the features that can’t found on some phones. The DTC Mobile GT2 is now available at DTC Mobile Kiosks and online stores for P2,799.
Disclaimer: This phone was given to us by DTC Mobile Philippines for review and raffle

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