CD-R King sells everything is a section of JAM Online in where the author talks about CD-R King products that you might not be familiar with. And yes, these products are real.

Oh CD-R King. You have Windmills, Beauty products and even a LED light bulb. What else do you got? Well, here’s another very interesting product from CD-R King. Introducing, the E-Bike. Yes, that’s a picture of an Electric F****** Bicycle. Well, it’s very rare to see E-Bikes at malls and some bike shops. I don’t even know how this thing works. I know how to ride and use a bicycle but I didn’t know there’s an electric bicycle that is available here in the Philippines. Anyway, the E-Bike can run up to 25kph and it comes with a headlight and a taillight. The price is steep at P14,800.00. But c’mon guys, it’s very rare to see CD-R King E-Bikes around. There are only a few CD-R King stores that are selling this thing. Check out the CD-R King E-Bike in this link. Geez, CD-R King. What’s next? A CD-R King car?

Thanks Jettie!

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