One of the games that we were able to try at Tokyo Gaming Show 2017 is Skyrim VR. The game is more than 5 years old already but it still proves to be popular as Bethesda has recently unveiled the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special edition that features better optimization for more powerful hardware and also a better graphics but aside from that, Bethesda has also announced the Skyrim VR, the same game from the company but this time made for PSVR.

We tried Skyrim VR and it was terrible. Actually, the game is still the same but the controls are just really terrible. Well, we didn’t have any problems with its frames and graphics as it still looks the same, however, the controls of the game using the PS Move controller was just terrible. In order to move in Skyrim VR, you have to use your PS Move controller to point in where you want to teleport then just press the move button to teleport. And in order to rotate your character, you have to press the O or X buttons of the PS move controller.

Despite that, attacking the enemies using the sword is fun as you have to switch one of the PS move controllers depending on which hand of the character is using the sword. Using the bow and arrow is a challenge too as you have to nock and draw the arrows which is tiring if you’re using the bow too much.

Skyrim VR is plagued with terrible controls experience when using the PS Move controller. It’s not easy to avoid enemies on Skyrim VR but sometimes you can easily run away from enemies since you can just teleport. Skyrim is a great game, however, the controls on its VR version is just terrible.

Skyrim VR will be available on the PS4 soon as long as you have the PSVR headset but if you want to play one of the best games that Bethesda that has created then it’s better to go for the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition which is now available in the market.

Our TGS 2017 Coverage is co-sponsored by PLDT Home Fibr and Smart World.


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