Who doesn’t love Anime? Whether you like it or not, you’ll still have an Eyegasm on this Evangelion Anime inspired phone from Sharp — The Sharp SH-06D NERV. Admit it guys, this must be the one of the best phone that we’ve seen so far (Well I don’t know if the non-techie guys would like it). As you can see, Sharp made a heavy customization on the UI of the phone. It is equipped with Android 2.3, yeah I know, kinda disappointing to see that the ICS is missing. The one who is responsible for  powering this device is a 1.2 GHz processor along with the 512mb of RAM. Some of you might feel that this phone is too big for you because it will sport a 4.5″ 3D MAGI display with an HD resolution. Unfortunately, this will be only available at Japan and it will be available on limited quantities. Better reserve a plane ticket guys.

Via GSM Arena

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