Americans, They are always the first one to get their hands-on of the every new Apple products. Always. Unfortunately, we are not Americans and we aren’t even on the first countries to get the new iPad. The new iPad is expected to be release here in the Philippines this April but if you are REALLY REALLY excited to touch and lick one, then you might want to visit Widget City’s website. Why? Because they’re selling those tablets like pancakes. According to their website, the new iPad or I shall call it as the iPad ’12 will start at P25,800. That’s the iPad 2012 16gb Wifi only variant. By the way folks, This new iPad is already equipped with the latest A5X processor, a better 5 megapixel camera and of course, the retina display. Anyway just visit the link here if you want to buy one.

So guys. Stop asking. You already know where to buy one.

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