Have you heard of GrabTaxi? It’s really great! With GrabTaxi, you can book a Taxi directly from your smartphone using the GrabTaxi app. Not only that you can book your Taxi, you can also view the information of the driver that confirmed your booking. In awesome news, GrabTaxi and Globe have now teamed up, which means, If you’re a Globe or TM subscriber, you can enjoy P20 off your Grab Taxi booking fee until June 2014!!! BUT it gets better, from December 1-15, all Globe and TM subscribers will enjoy P0.00 booking fee. YES! Globe subscribers get a 0 booking fee until December 15! Amazing!

Last night, I really needed a taxi because it was late and I needed to get home. Using GrabTaxi with Globe was so fast and easy! I was able to book my taxi in 3 simple taps, and get a confirmation email reminding me that I had a 0 booking fee! The best part about this was I was able to book my Taxi from the middle of nowhere, all because I was able to connect to the internet with my Globe PowerSurf99!

Since Grab Taxi is an app, it requires you to be connected to the internet, which is why I love always being connected to the internet with PowerSurf when I use my GrabTaxi app, because it keeps me safe. As convenient as taking Taxis are, you can’t help but hear some of the horror stories of terrible things that happen to some commuters.

With GrabTaxi and Globe PowerSurf99 , rest assured that your taxi ride is safer than most. Why? Because even before getting in the Taxi the details of the driver are sent to you via the app. Grab Taxi and Globe PowerSurf allow you another option, to keep you safer, while in the taxi using my PowerSurf99 I was able to upload my current route to Facebook, and I was also able to share it with my mom over email

I’m so thankful I have PowerSurf because it keeps me connected, wherever I am. Had I relied on WiFi, I would never have been able to book a taxi from the middle of nowhere, or share my ride details. So stay safe, and stay connected with PowerSurf99 which gives 50 MB of data. That’s 50 MB which gives you 250 GrabTaxi bookings a month! To register for Prepaid text PowerSurf99 to 8888 and for Postpaid text PowerSurf 99 to 8888. So that my friends and loved ones could see where I was!


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