The government of Taiwan has launched their Taiwan excellence campaign here in the Philippines to promote their top and high quality brands. This campaign gives the Filipinos more opportunity to discover more of their products. This campaign will bring in 56 top quality brands from Taiwan to the Philippines and one of those products that will arrive in the country are folding bikes. 

Traffic has been a very big problem here in Manila especially every Friday in where the whole Metro Manila becomes a parking lot. The solution? Walk. A better solution? Use bikes. Not only it will help decongest the streets of Metro Manila but it will also help provide users a healthy body, green mode of transportation and less expenses.

You don’t have to worry too much about portability and mobility because folding bikes are easy to keep and use even if you have a small room or garage. Yep, Folding bikes doesn’t take too much space.

If you want to know more about these folding bikes, head over to Strida, Tern Bicycles, or Pacific Cycles and if you want to know more about the campaign, check out Taiwan excellence’s website and Facebook page.


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