First of all It is not a private server lol. If Ragnarok has Valkyrie server which is free to play server, now MU has also a new Free to play server!. Last October 23 2008, MU Philippines had just release a new server which is free to play. The name of the new free to play server is RANCE…..More information after the jump

Here is the article from Mobius

Enjoy the beginning of a whole new world in MU. Now you can play MU, the game that everyone loves and can’t let go of, without the subscription fees. Leveling won’t be such a grind with the new web-based store!

Bask in the benefits of the Rance server:

* Absolutely no subscription fees
* Web-based store for new and experienced heroes alike
* A fresh start with an equal playing field

As you explore the world of Rance, check out what’s available for you in the MU Store.

I think many Former MU players will be going back again to MU because of this new server. Thanks to that anomymous person. Typo error hehe



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