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Get more from your shopping money with PayMaya this 11/11!

11.11 is coming!

11.11 is coming and everyone is really excited for the biggest sale this year – which means that it’s time to use PayMaya again to purchase items on our favorite e-commerce apps. But of course, not only can you get affordable deals and promos on online shopping during this massive sale, you can also get awesome cashbacks when you use PayMaya to purchase in-stores on 11/11.

Yes, so if you’re planning to shop at the malls near you, you don’t have to worry about missing out on 11/11 deals, because PayMaya is giving 1%, 10%, or 100% cashback (max of P500) when you use PayMaya QR to make a minimum purchase of P100.

Not only that, if you spend an accumulated total of P5,000 with your PayMaya QR, you’ll also earn a P250 cashback. That’s up to P750 savings from PayMaya!

If you’re curious, I’ve actually been using PayMaya QR for a while now along with my PayMaya card. I’ve had the chance to enjoy PayMaya’s cashback promos several time but the biggest one was during their double cashback weekend – where I got two cashbacks for one purchase.

I’ve used it in Army Navy in Blue Bay for our dinner and luckily, I got a 100% cashback on our order and another 1% cashback on top of that. Basically, PayMaya just paid our dinner and we got 1% more of our money since it’s a double cashback weekend.



You too, can get a chance to have your meal or shopping items for free when you use PayMaya QR to pay. Apart from its awesome rewards, it’s also super easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Check if the store you’re in offers PayMaya QR. You can also check out the list of their partner-merchants here:
  2. Open your PayMaya app
  3. Tap the Scan QR
  4. Scan the QR
  5. Type in the amount
  6. Wait for the confirmation

That’s it – within a few seconds, you are done. All you have to do now is just wait for your cashback.

You can also get up to P5,000 worth of savings in cashbacks and discounts when you use your PayMaya card to shop online this 11/11. Check out all these awesome promos at

So if you’re planning to treat yourself to some pre-holiday shopping, be sure to take advantage of the promos by PayMaya whether you’re buying online or on in-stores.  Remember, basta shopping, don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

To get your own account, just download the PayMaya app, register using the code JAMPAYMAYA, and upgrade your account to get Php100 for free.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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