Gionee Philippines has recently launched their newest phablet in the Philippines and it is very interesting because it is one of the first device that arrive in the Philippines that has a hexa-core processor. The performance is a lot better than the MediaTek Quad-Core processors but it is less powerful than the octa-core processor. This phablet is one of my favorite smartphones that I’ve used, want to know why? Check out my review below.



This phablet is made up of plastic but there’s a metal build on the top and bottom of the smartphone. Despite having an almost plastic build, the Gionee Gpad G5 is very solid and it feels very comfortable to hold thanks to the very slim and solid body. The weight? Gionee Gpad G5 weighs just right.


You would surely feel safe in this smartphone because there’s a free crystal case that comes with the smartphone. Inside the device is a hexa-core processor and 1GB of RAM. The internal storage is only a 8GB but you could install your apps and games on the MicroSD card which is a good news for all of us.


There’s dual-sim card slot and you could use 3G in both SIM cards. The Gionee Gpad G5’s speakers is made by Yamaha and I was very amazed with its performance. I didn’t expect the Gionee Gpad G5’s dual Yamaha speakers would be that great. The speakers were very loud and clear and the speakers of this device is probably even better than the one on your tablets. If you love playing music on your smartphone, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the speakers of the Gionee Gpad G5.



The 5.5-inch HD display might not sound good since there are a lot of phablets that are already sporting full HD displays but the Gionee Gpad G5 is very nice especially when watching movies. Whenever I play videos on the smartphone, the videos are flawless and very smooth and thanks to the awesome, dual Yamaha speakers at the back, having a Gionee Gpad G5 is like having a mobile cinema in your pocket.

Software, apps and performance


This smartphone is powered by Android 4.4 Kitkat and there’s only a few changes in the UI. Unlike the previous smartphones that we’ve reviewed before, the Gionee Gpad G5 has an app drawer and we can put widgets on the homescreen unlike the Gionee Elife E7 Mini and Gionee Elife S5.5. There are still some bloatwares that comes with the smartphone but they’re only a few.

Inside the Gionee Gpad G5 is a MediaTek MT6591 Hexa-Core processor and 1GB of RAM. You might not have heard of the MediaTek 6-core processor before but this chipset is quite powerful. It may not topped the 8-core MT6592 but the hardware inside the Gionee Gpad G5 could run most apps and games without problems.


At Antutu, I got a score of 25375 which is almost on par with a Snapdragon 600 processor. You could run almost any games on this device but don’t max settings at games GTA: San Andreas which is a very demanding game.

Battery Life

Gionee Gpad G5 has a 2400mAh battery inside which is not that for phablets but I was able to use this phone for a day of average use which is good. Didn’t expect that this phablet would last that long since the battery wasn’t big.



There’s an 8-Megapixel camera w/ LED Flash on this smartphone and the quality isn’t the best that you can find at this budget. When there’s a decent light, the quality of the images are acceptable however at low light conditions, you might not be pleased with the shots of the Gionee Gpad G5.



Gionee Gpad G5 isn’t just a common phablet. It’s a media powerhouse. The display might not be Full HD but the it looks great for movies. The dual speakers made by Yamaha were also the best that I’ve reviewed on a smartphone. The hexa-core processor doesn’t disappoint too and it performed beyond my expectations. The Gionee GPad G5 is now available at Gionee concept stores and kiosks for P9,499.


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