Mr. Ernest Cu (middle), President and CEO of Globe telecom

Globe recently invited us to a presscon last week and they showed us the recent benchmark test conducted by National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and they discuss why Globe’s network is better than Smart’s network. Yeah, It’s a good move for NTC that they released their findings but unfortunately, there are some things that are still confidential. But hey, at least NTC released some of their findings and their benchmark results of their recent tests. Well, some of you might find it hard to understand some of their findings so I’ll make it more simpler and shorter to you guys.

They compared Globe’s legacy network, Smart modernized network and Globe’s modernized network in Metro Cebu. Well, it’s because Globe is still finishing up their modernized network in some areas. Remember that multi-million dollar upgrade? According to Globe, they’re more than 50% done with their modernization.

According to NTC’s Benchmark test, Legacy network of Globe has a better grade of service than Smart’s modernized network. Globe’s legacy network got a grade of 4.45% while Smart’s modernized network got a grade of 9.95% while Globe’s modernized network in Metro Cebu got 0.60% and NTC’s standard for the Grade of service is 4%. Oh, and lower means better. But Smart got a higher score than Globe’s legacy network on Drop call rate, Ave. received signal quality Ave. received signal quality and call setup time. Yeah, that’s 4 out of 5. But the scores of those parameters are very close. So I think that won’t make much difference. Globe’s modernized network scores are yet to be determined but I guess, it will have a higher score than Smart’s modernized network.

I was expecting to see data speed benchmark of both networks but unfortunately, there are none. Well, I think we shouldn’t really rely on these benchmarks. The difference between the two networks isn’t that big (except in the scores on grade of service. Globe is 2x better in Grade of service). I’m using both Smart and Globe and I experienced delayed messages and dropped calls on both networks. I think the most important thing in here is how good and happy our experience is on the network.

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