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iPhone 5 is coming to Widget City next week!

I’m pretty sure that the Apple fanboys will rejoice in this news! Because the most awaited smartphone is coming to Widget City next week! Yes, it’s the iPhone 5. Yeah, the new iPhone 5 packs a lot of new features including a larger 4.0″ screen but even Apple increased the screen size, it will still have the same width because Apple just made the screen 16:9 from 4:3. Anyway, the units came from HK and you can either choose a not sealed or sealed iPhone 5 and obviously, the unsealed iPhone 5 will be much more cheaper. Check out Widget City’s prices for the iPhone 5 after the break

So here it is:

iPhone 5 16GB @ P47,000 (Not Sealed)
iPhone 5 16GB @ P50,000 (sealed)
iPhone 5 32GB @ P56,000 (sealed)
iPhone 5 64GB @ P61,000 (sealed)

I know it’s quite expensive but hey, the iPhone 5 wasn’t launched here in the Philippines and surely there are only a few Filipinos who got the iPhone 5 right now. If you want the prices to go down, maybe you could just wait for some time or maybe wait for the launch of the iPhone 5 here in the Philippines. So what do you think? Are you getting one? If you are interested then check out Widget city and contact them immediately.

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Jam Ancheta
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