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Globe ImmortalTXT is back!

Happy Valentines day to all of you and today, Globe has given us a great valentines gift. What is it?, Well they just announced that they returned the one of the most popular promos ever, the Globe immortaltxt. With Globe Immortaltxt you’ll get SMS and voice minutes with no expiry. That’s right folks, the immortaltxt WON’T EXPIRE. Aside from immortaltxt there are a lot of new promos from Globe like the unlialltrio, allnetcombo and unlitingi. Check it out after the break!

Here’s the post from Globe’s Website:

Now it’s even more convenient to avail of prepaid call, text and surf promos! All you have to do is dial *143# (free of charge) on your Globe Prepaid mobile and choose the promo you want!

Choose Your Promo from these exciting new offers:

1. Immortal is back!  Get SMS and voice minutes without expiry* with these promos.


   • 25 texts to Globe/TM + 5 texts to other networks for only P15


   • 50 texts to Globe/TM + 5 texts to other networks + 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM for only P25

*Only 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes can be accumulated at any one time. Registrations to Immortal Txt or Immortal Trio that will result to exceeding either limit will not be accommodated.
P5 maintaining balance is required to use allocations from Immortal Trio or Immortal Txt.

   • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM + unlimited mobile browsing 
   • Validity: 
         o 1 day for P60 
         o 3 days for P150 
         o 7 days for P350 
         o 30 days for P1,400

   • Unlimited texts + 5 minutes of calls to all networks + 50MB of consumable mobile browsing 
   • Validity: 
         o 1 day for P30 
         o 3 days for P80 
         o 7 days for P150 
         o 30 days for P600

   • Unlimited texts to all networks + unlimited calls to Globe/TM + unlimited mobile browsing 
   • 1 hour validity for only P5 
   • Registration to Unli Tingi is available from 7am-9am only

You can even select your preferred validity, so talagang go lang ng go!


1) Dial *143# on your phone then press CALL.
2) Wait for the menu to appear on your screen.
3) Once the menu appears, select your transaction and press “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model).”
4) Enter the number of your chosen transaction. To register to Choose Your Promo, press “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)” then enter “1” for “NEW: Choose your promo.” Press “OK.”
5) Select your Choose Your Promo offer by pressing “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)” then entering “1” for IMMORTAL TRIO, “2” for UNLI ALL TRIO, “3” for ALL NET COMBO, or “4” to select your promo based on your budget. Press “OK”.
6) Choose your validity by entering “1” for 30 days, “2” for 7 days, “3” for 3 days, and “4” for 1 day. Press “OK”.
7) Verify your choice by entering “1” to register to your chosen promo. Press “OK”.
8) Wait for the confirmation message notifying you of your successful registration.

Invalid entries (i.e., entering a number not in the choices, entering a letter or symbol instead of a number, etc.) will take you back to your previous menu.

These offers are available from February 15 to May 16, 2012. Registration is via *143# only. Dial it now for free!

I kinda like this. I use Immortaltxt most of the time when it was available back then. Anyway, what the new catch? Well globe has limit the immortaltxt to 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes. Anyway, Nice one Globe!. You sure know how to make your subscribers happy this Valentines day!

Via Globe

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