Do you feel that your internet is too slow and you need more speeds on uploading some stuffs then take a look at this. Globe Tattoo Black was launched last week at Greenbelt 5. Globe Tattoo Black is the telco’s premium broadband offering. Yeah, It is their LTE offering. I was able to see the prowess of Globe’s LTE and test their speeds too and yeah it was pretty fast. They also revealed their broadband sticks along with their visionaries — Liz Uy and Fernando Aracama.

The event was hosted by Raymond and Georgina

“Tattoo Black is the future of broadband technology. This is a premium mobile broadband stick that is powered by LTE for Internet connection at break-neck speed and with the best overall broadband performance. On top of the speed, Tattoo Black redefines your broadband experience as it comes with unparalleled customer service plus exclusive perks and freebies,” as explained by Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.

Globe Tattoo Black LTE comes at Plan 1799 and Tattoo Black Elite Plan 1799. The Plan 1799 is Tattoo Black’s entry level offer and the base speed is up to 28 Mbps. Not bad right? The data allowance is up to 12 GB per month but it will take effect on January 31 2013 so if you’ll get a Tattoo Black right now, you can download all you want without the fear of reaching the max data limit. Oh and Tattoo Black Plan 1799 comes with a free USB dongle but you can upgrade to a Superstick that can share your WiFi for up to five devices.

61.01 Mbps. Dat Speed. Well that’s the highest I got. 

And then there’s the Tattoo Black Elite Plan 2499 which has a speeds of up to 42 Mbps and it has a data allowance of up to 15 GB but like what I’ve said earlier, there would be no data caps until January 31 2013. It also includes a lot of premium services including a dedicated hotline, priority handling in stores and a personal relationship manager. In short, it feels that you’re like a VIP in Globe stores. Oh and you can also get complimentary tickets to Tattoo events and a priority on Globe handsets and tablet devices. So if you’re a loyal Globe subscriber and you have some money to spare then I suggest that you get this one instead.

the USB Stick(Left) and the Superstick(Right)

Makati will be the first one to get Globe’s LTE service. By the end of October, Globe is expected to have 50 LTE sites in Makati and they are targeting to have 100 LTE sites by the end of the year. So if you’re planning to get the Tattoo Black LTE, be sure that you’re always staying at Makati Central Business district to have that LTE speeds. We tried downloading a 900 MB files and we have downloaded the file in less than 5 minutes. Damn fast. That’s LTE Be one of the first to experience the LTE speeds from Globe when it hits the stores on October 28, 2012.  You can register now at the nearest Globe stores or by just checking out

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