So the most awaited Phablet is coming to Widget City! Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available for P31,000. I know, the price is quite high but take note, you’ll be one of the first to have the Samsung Galaxy Note II if you pre-order one. Just to give you a recap, the Samsung Galaxy Note II packs a larger 5.5″ screen, a thicker S pen, Android Jelly Bean and a lot of new features. Obviously, it has a very similar design to the Samsung Galaxy S3. So if you place your Samsung Galaxy S3 beside the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy S3 will look like its smaller brother. Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available for pre-order at Widget City for P31,000. To pre-order, contact them on their numbers which can be found on their Facebook page or just check out their site.

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