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Who doesn’t know about Globe’s My Super Plan? If you think that the plan is already great then think again. Because the best just got better. Yes, the best-ever MySuperPlan is more flexible and you can get more value from you have paid for. Sounds exciting right? Globe really want to give their customers the services and satisfaction that they need. Check out what’s new and exciting about the best-ever MySuperPlan after the break.

RJ Ledesma hosting the show

Actually, there are a lot of things why you should be excited with the Best-Ever MySuperPlan. Here are the things why I really like it.

  1. Subscribers get more than what they pay for with a plan value – Every plan corresponds to a peso value and then you can allocate those peso values to a plan. Subscriber can choose from Plan 299 with a P500 monthly Peso Value, Plan 499 with P900 PV, Plan 999 with P1700 PV, Plan 1799 with P3200 PV, Plan 2499 with P4400 PV, or Plan 3799 with P6500 PV.
  2. It is customizable depending on customer’s needs – You’ll be given PV (Peso Values) and then you can spend it different combos such as All Net Combo that has 5 minutes of call with 100 Globe/TM texts that corresponds to 100 PV. If you took the Plan 299, you still have P400 PV that you can spend on other combos.
  3. Flexible Contract Period – You’re no longer locked to a 24 month lock-in period thanks to the Best-Ever Globe MySuperPlan. Why? Because you can now choose from 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or even 30 months. 
There are boosters if you feel that the Combos that are available aren’t for you. Most of the unlimited offerings are on boosters except for Unlisurf which has a peso value of 999 PV (So you still need to subscribe to Plan 999 for that!). Want to know more about Globe’s newest Postpaid offering? then check out their website at


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