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Globe’s iPhone Forever Program: Get a new iPhone every year

The first batch of iPhones at the Globe Warehouse

With Globe’s iPhone Forever program, you can now enjoy new iPhones every year. You read that right folks! You can now have the latest iPhone every year when you apply for a plan at Globe. I know, that sounds ridiculous right? Well, the Globe iPhone forever plans starts at Plan 1599 and with that, you could already replace your iPhone every year. Interested on getting an iPhone this year? Then check out the information after the break.

Actually, I’m kinda confused with the iPhone forever program. But c’mon guys, Globe is the only network that’s offering this kind of program. The iPhone Forever program of Globe is also open to existing postpaid subscribers. If you’re interested then check out the document below if you’re eligible for the iPhone forever program.

If you’re not planning on getting an iPhone Forever Plan, you could still apply for Globe’s MySuperPlan. For as low as P1,799 monthly at Plan 999 with P800 monthly cashout, you can get the iPhone 5c. While the iPhone 5s is available for P2,199 monthly at Plan 1799 with P400 monthly cashout. And yes folks, Both plan offers unlimited LTE surfing and consumable peso-value amounts. YESSS! The iPhones will arrive on November 15!~

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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