H2O Salamander is probably the best Filipino invention that I’ve seen. H2O Salamander is an amphibious tricycle that can travel on land and water which is great since our country is prone to floods and calamities. Since we’re an archipelago, the H2O Salamander would also be a great transportation from an island to other island.




This tricycle can carry up to 6 passengers including the driver on land and 4 passengers including the driver on water. The H2O Salamander is also made up of fiberglass with a steel frame. You don’t have to worry about travelling in water because it has a built-in marine grade propeller. Another awesome thing to find inside the H2O Salamander is the Solar USB charging capability with up to 6 USB ports for your mobile devices.




The H2O Salamander comes in 5KW electric engine and a 250cc gasoline engine. If you want to know more about this awesome tricycle, head over to their website at http://h2o-ph.com


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