Our mobile phones are very important to us. More than a decade ago, our phones can only do calls but today, it has become our personal assistant, portable game console and sometimes, we rely our everyday routine on our smartphones. Personally, I used my smartphone for E-Books, calendar and even note-taking. For some people, Losing a smartphone is comparable to losing a body organ.

Before, these mobile phones are more of a luxury. I remember having a phone when I was a kid. It was useless for me because there are only a few of us who has a mobile phone and has a prepaid load. But today, almost every Filipinos has their own mobile phones because these mobile phones are becoming cheaper and cheaper everyday.

Today, some people used their smartphones to type documents and even create powerpoint presentations (I’m one of them!). So why is your mobile phone so important? It’s simple. Because without mobile phones we would have less productivity. Our social networking sites, e-mail and SMS can be accessed thru our mobile phones. It’s really hard to communicate with someone without our mobile phones. In short, losing or damaging your smartphone was like losing half of your life that’s why we need to protect our gadgets.

If you really care about your gadgets then better check out Globe’s Gadget Care. If you’ll get a plan from Globe, Gadget Care is free on the 1st month but you can extend it every month by paying depending on what category your device belongs.

For the full press release of Gadget Care, check out the document below

If you want to know more how you can protect your device you can check out this link: http://www.globe.com.ph/gadgetcare


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