All smartphones, including yours, are filled with sensitive personal and business data. This is why Samsung doubles its effort to keep users safe and secure against cyberattacks with Samsung Knox.

Samsung Knox provides users with true end-to-end protection throughout the entire lifecycle of smartphones.

Here are the details:

Cyberattack Scenario 1: Unauthorized backdoor access

Samsung also prevents unauthorized backdoor access. It designs, creates, and validates every computer chip, every piece of wiring, and hardware component before using them to manufacture their phones. This protocol allows the Korean mobile maker to have control over design, manufacturing, and assembly.

In addition, this provides the company with a secure supply chain that prevents unauthorized backdoor access in Samsung devices.

Cyberattack Scenario 2: Compromised, weak, or reused passwords

To add more robust security to your mobile experience, Samsung equipped every device with innovative biometric authentication technology, such as Ultrasonic Fingerprint. It also has Samsung Pass, which provides users with a biometric authentication tool to access login credentials without remembering usernames and passwords.

Samsung devices come with Knox Vault, too, allowing the processor to operate independently from the main CPU. This isolates your biometrics data from the rest of your phone.

Cyberattack Scenario 3: Free WiFi may not be so free after all

The brand’s Secure WiFi encrypts outgoing internet traffic and disables tracking apps and websites for everyday browsing. It allows users to browse the internet safely on public wireless connections, too.

Cyberattack Scenario 4: Phishing attacks

Through McAfee protection, Samsung Device Care can continuously scan devices for malware or suspicious activity and alerts users when they mistakenly install malicious apps.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Secure Folder keeps data secure and isolates problematic apps within the folder to keep apps away from users’ data.

Cyberattack Scenario 5: Zero-day vulnerability

Samsung Knox also offers real-time protection, as it actively protects devices against data attacks or malware. In addition, when users reboot their smartphones, Secure Boot is activated to detect any unauthorized software and block attempts to compromise the device.


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