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HUAWEI Mate X3 is the biggest fold-type foldable smartphone in 2Q 2023 – Omdia

Looks like HUAWEI got a minor win early this year despite the US sanctions and bans to the company as HUAWEI has recorded that the Mate X3 got the biggest market share of 32.9% for the ‘fold-type’ foldable smartphone in 2Q 2023 according to the research company, Omdia.

Just a recap, the HUAWEI Mate X3 comes with a lightweight and slim body along with a powerful XMAGE camera inside and also a tough Kunlun Glass for the outer display.

This news is not surprising as the Chinese market is still big and HUAWEI is still popular to its home country. Also, this has been the usual practice of Samsung as they reduced the shipments of their existing foldable product in 2Q 2023 due to the release of their upcoming next-gen foldable in the third quarter.

It has also been pointed out that Samsung still maintains the top-position when including the market share of flip-type foldables with a market share of 26.7%

Source: Omdia

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